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Principal's Message

As Principal of St John’s Catholic Parish Primary School, I am delighted to welcome you to the St John’s Parish Primary School website and describe our vision of providing an outstanding Catholic education for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. St John’s Catholic Parish Primary School is an open and welcoming community that fosters and values relationships built on respect, mutuality and inclusivity. As part of the mission of the Catholic Church, we encounter Jesus through the values of the Gospel and at the heart of our mission are the students in our care who are empowered to flourish in new and progressive ways responding to the challenges of their times. St John’s is a strong community of faith in the Josephite tradition and is deeply committed to giving witness to the Gospel message and we are blessed to be supported by our Parish Priest, Fr. Francis Tran. 

As Principal of St John’s, it is a privilege to lead a learning community that acknowledges, values and responds to the needs of each student and where positive relationships flourish. From the moment our students enter Kindergarten their innate sense of curiosity, wonder and enthusiasm is cultivated through a learning culture that supports collaboration and continuous improvement. At St John’s, we embrace the opportunities to continuously learn how best to respond to the learning needs of our students. We have an inspiring learning culture with an expectation that excellence is embedded into each and every classroom, and in all learning experiences.

The classrooms at St John’s are vibrant learning environments where curiosity and excitement about learning is encouraged. Each student is challenged to think critically, consider real-world problems and use technology innovatively. Students are provided with opportunities that develop key learning skills, including collaboration and reflection, allowing them to grow in their ability to embrace new ideas and challenges.

As a school, we seek to nurture the diversity of learners in our community, encouraging each student to fulfil their academic and personal potential in a culture of care and respect. The school motto, ‘Love One Another,’ calls us to take the wisdom and understanding that comes with education and combine it with our school values — Faith, Learning, Love, Respect, and Community so that we may truly live a life modelled on that of Jesus and his care for people.

St John’s is committed to supporting the wellbeing of our students by creating a safe, supportive, respectful and engaging learning community. Students are encouraged to become involved in the wealth of available programs and pursuits on offer from sporting opportunities to social justice projects and whole school events such as the swimming and athletics carnivals, and gala days that provide wonderful opportunities for celebration. 

Students at St John’s are known for their strengths and are supported to develop positive relationships that are based on trust and respect. Students are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential and growth in a caring environment where creativity and fun are fostered. Students and teachers establish and sustain meaningful and productive relationships and are resilient and resourceful in dealing with challenges. At St John’s, we believe in working with parents and carers to provide the best possible environment for each student’s overall academic achievement and wellbeing. Working in partnership with parents and carers, we aim to nurture and support our students to understand and accept their own individuality, their gifts, challenges and strengths in a caring environment.

I hope you enjoy browsing the pages of our website and I warmly invite you to visit our school community. I am sure that you will appreciate the inclusive and welcoming culture that is, St John’s Catholic Parish Primary School and I encourage you to come and feel the spirit of our faith-filled school.

Michelle Rodwell