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Social & Emotional Learning

At St John's, we aim to develop the whole person through social and emotional learning – intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally – so that our young people who are educated in faith founded in the person of Jesus Christ live their lives with a hope-filled future. 

About Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) involves students having opportunities to learn and practice social skills such as:

  • cooperation
  • managing conflict
  • making friends
  • coping
  • being resilient
  • recognising and managing their own feelings.
Why it's important to teach SEL at school
  • Positive outcomes for a student's ​​future: As students progress through their education, social and emotional skills become increasingly important. Social and emotional competencies can help students in managing stress, deciding on goals and planning for the future.​
  • Positive outcomes for student achievement​: Quality teaching of SEL promotes student satisfaction, success and academic engagement, outcomes and achievement.
  • Postive outc​​omes for student mental health: The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth notes that schools who ensure that SEL is part of their teaching and learning can give students the opportunity to build the resilience to deal with change and unpredictability. This is an essential skill for positive mental health.