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School Prayer and Song


God our Father, we thank you for this day,
Help us to love those around us in every way we can.
Jesus our Saviour, you are the light of our lives,
Help us to always follow in Your footsteps.
Holy Spirit, be in our hearts forever,
Guide us through each and every day.
Mary our mother, keep us safe,
Look after us and all those that we love.

Saint John the Evangelist – Pray for us,
Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop – Pray for us.

School Spirit Rise

A Spirit lives through all our history
A Spirit we still breathe today
Memories old and wise still teach us
So memories new can learn to play.

See the Spirit of St John’s arise

As grand escarpment lifts our eyes
And hearts as we hear Jesus pray
That we might love each other
With a new love every day.

Children from so many nations
Gather here to celebrate
Our many different family stories
One new family we create.


Here is safety, love and caring
Space to grow in calming peace
Every child and every teacher
Learns the path to love’s release.


Full of life and full of dreaming
Happiness in young hearts grow
As learning well and loving truly
Each one of us great Spirit shows.


Kevin Bates sm