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Religious Education


Religious Education

Religious Education is a vital component of the school curriculum, regarded as one of the school’s Key Learning Areas.

Religious Education is at the heart of who we are at St John’s, through our interactions with one another, our daily prayers, our loyalty to the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church. Our genuine desire is to be an authentic Catholic community, which reflects the values of Christ as we educate children in their faith.

Religious Education helps the students to develop their knowledge of their faith through daily formal instruction from the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum.

Our Religious Education curriculum is supported by the To Know, Worship and Love books and resources.

Children have the opportunity to engage in:

  • Parish and School Liturgies
  • Sacraments and Prayer Celebrations
  • Year 6 Mass with the Bishop
  • Mini Vinnies
  • Christmas celebration
  • ANZAC Liturgy.

One of the aims of Religious Education (RE) in our Catholic schools is to develop our students' ‘Religious Literacy’ – that is, the way children use their literacy skills to communicate their understanding of our Catholic faith and religious tradition to themselves, their peers, teachers and members of the wider faith community. This is given a priority in all aspects of school life at St John's.

“By the end of their schooling students know the core teachings of our faith, our Scriptures, history and tradition and how these are to be lived in the world" — Catholic Schools at a Crossroad (2007)

The Religious Literacy Assessment program in the Diocese of Wollongong provides information about the way children process and express their religious knowledge. A standardised is administered to all Year 4 student across the diocese. It consists of a multiple choice and short answer paper, focusing on the students' knowledge and understanding of the key concepts that are taught throughout their Religious Education from Kindergarten to Year 4, and what this means for the way we live, as it is applied in society.

The data gathered from the assessment is analysed to inform learning and teaching in schools, to focus on professional learning and to recognise and celebrate learning in the domain of Religious Education in the Wollongong Diocese. 


Each year, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong invites Catholic primary schools from across the diocese to submit artworks from Year 5 and 6 students to enter in the CEDoW Christmas Story Art Competition.

Approximately fifty entries that are deemed to best meet the criteria are chosen for an exhibition at the Wollongong City Art Gallery, which is open to the public, commonly around the last weeks of Term 3 and over the October school holiday period each year.

Major awards are given at the opening of the exhibition, and approximately 12 finalists are selected for entry into the Sydney Archdiocese Christmas Story Art Competition and Exhibition. 

For more information, view the CEDoW Christmas Story Art Competition site